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YouTube bumper ads for Food Businesses

YouTube bumper ads are 6 second ads that play before or during a video watched on YouTube. These ads are non-skippable, which means they will be viewed in their entirity without the ability to skip the ad by the viewer.

What makes these type of ads effective for food businesses is they can be targeted to content and locations. For example, if you were a meat shop selling fresh cut steaks, you could show your ad to people watching a video on how to cook a steak in a 10 mile radius around your store.

Plus when the ad shows, an accompyning banner displays on desktops where a person can click through to a webpage to order.

Also days of the week and hours can be designated to show your ad to, as well as other targeting features such as people that like to cook, married couples with a high income, etc.

We match your products with the content and demographics that give the best chance to turn a viewer on YouTube into a customer. Plus, we produce the ads for you and optimize your account monthly to maximize their effectiveness.

Below are two examples of bumper ads to give you a general idea of their make up.

Butcher/Meat Shop Example
Seafood Market Example

Our YouTube bumper ad service includes:

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