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Small Market Specialty Food Broker

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If you are a small food manufacturer looking for help in marketing your products to small food shops, we can help. Our Brokerage services are commission based and month to month

Are you a Small Sized Food Product Manufacturer?
Don't let any of these issues cause your products to fall through the cracks of marketing!

Too small to Hire a specialist

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We only work with Small Sized companies

And yet we give personal service to each of them
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No Marketing budget

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Our Services are Commission based

You owe us nothing until we make a sale and we only get paid based on the order
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Can't get distribution

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We sell directly to retailers who are looking for products like yours

Hundreds of small shops that welcome unique products
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Overwhelmed with choices

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We can give you an honest opinion on where best to put your efforts

Even if you don't use us, at least we can give you choices
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