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Dynamic Content Management

We now offer at no extra charge shared content management for both Magnet Card Web Pages and Digital Signage Boards with product pricing.

Sometimes you need to have quick content changes made to your prices and products on both our Digital Signage boards and/or our Magnet Refrigerator Cards. With our dynamic content program you have access via a shared Google Sheet of all your products and prices listed on both programs. This program is included at no extra charge to all customers of both or either of these programs.

We share a Google Sheet with you and show you how to make changes. These changes will post to either system.

Changes you make on your shared Google Sheet will show on your webpage within 15 min of making the change. Changes you make for either your left or right side of your signage board: alert us via phone, filling out the form here or email so we can push out the change to the board. You can also contact us and we can make the changes for you during regular business hours.
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